The Friends of St Mary’s

The Friends of St Mary’s

Our beautiful 15th Century Church of St Mary has served our rural community down the centuries as it still does today and hopefully will continue to do so into the future. It remains for many the centre of our village, standing strong against the elements, an enduring focal point for us and for our many friends and visitors.

The Friends of St Mary’s, Netherbury is an organisation formed to raise funds for the care and renovation of the fabric of the church building and its grounds. You don’t need to be a ‘church-goer’ to join the Friends, nor do you need to live in the village, but just value its peace, beauty and historic interest. All monies raised by the Friends will be held in a secure fund reserved solely for the care of the fabric of the church building and its grounds.

So do please consider playing your part in maintaining this beautiful building that still fulfils an important role in village life and in our personal lives through baptisms, weddings and funerals.

A Friends’ Scheme is the way we can make it possible for all to make a positive contribution to the preservation of St Mary’s now and for future generations.


New members of the Friends are now invited to subscribe now and are assured that all monies raised will only be spent on the fabric of the church and maintenance of its grounds.

If you are interested in becoming a member or helping at one of our gardening/maintenance groups, please e-mail:

Alternatively, please fill in the following The Friends of St Mary Membership Form 2018 and send to Glen Bishop  – details of where to send it are on the form.

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