If you wish to have an item added to the website or have any general comments then please submit a comment below. If it is a request to add an item to the website then please include outline details of what you would like to see on the website together with your contact details (email and/or telephone number) and we will get back to you.

2 Responses to Contacts

  1. Charlotte says:

    Good Afternoon,

    I hope you are all well.

    I am happy to announce that on Monday 1st June, we started inviting causes from across the UK to apply for the next round of our Local Community Fund. Every time our members buy a CO-OP branded product or service, 1%of their purchase is donated to local causes in their community. Now more than ever we’re seeing the difference those donations make to the amazing causes, especially those supporting their local communities through the current crisis.

    We are looking to support projects our members care about- which will bring people together to cooperate for a fairer world- with the focus on one or more of the following:

    – Bring the community together to help those in need, providing access to life’s essentials, such as community spaces, food and bereavement support
    – Support the mental and physical health of others through community wellbeing activities

    – Enable people to develop or share their skills to foster community spirit and build resilient communities for the future

    Causes can apply at until Sunday 28 June.

    I was wondering if you could promote this on your network or if you could pass me the contact details of any organisations you think would greatly benefit from this fund.

    Thank you very much for your time and please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

    Charlotte Herbert

  2. Kerry Black says:

    Hello Netherbury – are there any genealogists in the local area? I’ve traced several generations of great Grandparents back to Netherbury, lots of vital records in St Mary’s church but now I’m starting to loose the threads getting into the 1700s. Family names in the 1800s are Munden (John, foreman at the flax mill), Marsh, Turner, Gale and recently found Legg. As I’m from Newcastle and really only know ‘coal’ country history I’d love to find a little more context of how Netherbury was 250 +++ years ago and the families that lived there. Thanks in advance

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